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The health benefits of walking with bare feet

Free your feet and find out how you can reap a plethora of health benefits simply by going shoeless this summer… Humans have been walking the earth for millions of

How This Mom Lost 105 Lbs. with Intermittent Fasting: ‘I Went Into it Kind of Skeptical’

For years, Nissa Graun was an extreme yo-yo dieter. After trying her first diet at age 12, the mom from Mesa, Arizona spent years gaining and losing anywhere from 20

Cheyenne Jackson Celebrates 5 Years of Sobriety After Battle as a ‘High-Functioning Alcoholic’

Cheyenne Jackson reached a milestone Thursday, celebrating five years of sobriety. The 42-year-old American Horror Story star, who also costars in Paramount Network’s upcoming drama American Woman, jumped for joy about reaching that goal in

Glee’s Kevin McHale Transformed His Body to Fix Stomach Issues: ‘I Was Constantly in Pain’

  When Kevin McHale needed a solution for his unbearable stomach problems, he turned to a gym for help — and completely transformed his body in the process. The former

Canadian Man Reveals How He Overcame Emotional Eating and Lost 195 Lbs.

  Bill Wilson says he struggled with his weight all of his life, but the bad habits escalated when he started his own mobile app business in 2007. “I found

Ainsley with her dad, Rob Zammit, who she said has been a big support.

Ainsley Zammit on the painful condition no one believed she had

It affects one in 10 Australian woman. But for Ainsley Zammit, who will appear on Insight on SBS on Tuesday, dealing with the pain of endometriosis isn’t the worst part